Blundell's Daycare for Dogs in Horwich, Bolton

Blundells Daycare for Dogs is a large indoor centre (over 5000 sq feet) in Horwich, Bolton, where your dog can spend either a full day or half day with us in our fully equipped, safe and insured premises.

Suitable for all, our large centre offers separate areas. A large main free play area where dogs can run free and play together, quiet areas for snooze time for dogs who need a break from the fun or simply prefer a quieter environment and a separate area where your dogs can receive some one on one time.

You can book your dog a place for regular days or on an adhoc basis when required.

what is dog daycare?

Dog daycare is a daily boarding service for owners who do not wish to leave their dog alone or who simply want to add a little variety into their dog's life.

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come take a look

You can visit Blundell's Daycare for Dogs anytime during opening hours to check us out. However, if you'd like a full tour, please call to arrange a full visit.

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try is for free

We offer a ½ day free trial to allow you and your dog to experience life at Blundell's Daycare for Dogs. All visitors must adhere to our requirements for dogs.

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