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We now offer a home boarding service where your dogs can spend their holiday in home comforts. The boarding service is provided by myself, Helen Gorner. I am licensed by Wigan Council to provide a home boarding service & I am fully insured

Dogs who are suitable can accompany Helen to work and spend the day in our daycare facility. They will be walked daily in local surrounding fields and wooded areas. Dogs who possess a solid recall will be walked off lead with written consent.

We ask that any dogs boarding do not bark excessively and are generally well behaved in a home environment. Dogs are required to have a trial night before booking any long stays. Dogs MUST be fully vaccinated and if they are attending daycare this must include the Kennel cough vaccination.


Prices are available on request.

To book and for more information please call 01204 698508, 01942 728989 or 07751 227188

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