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Peace of Mind

Feb 09, 2015 by Mike Davies

Having just returned from a holiday abroad I'd like to thank all the staff at Blundell's for the excellent care they've provided for my 2 year old beagle Rosie. Whilst away it provides such peace of mind to be kept updated with Facebook videos and photos, seeing Rosie running around or relaxing in her favourite corner of the brown couch!
In addition to daycare, Rosie has also enjoyed weekend walks with Dave and Catrina.
Louise and the team have proven themselves to be flexible and utterly reliable, Blundell's really does provide an exceptional service for which I'm very grateful.

Happy chilled out pooch

Jan 15, 2015 by Collette

We recently adopted then 5 month old Henry from a rescue centre after he was found abandoned with his sister. I wanted to ensure he interacted with other dogs early and learned from the other dogs. Blundells was recommended by a friend and what can I say.... We never looked back. This place is fantastic and Henry absolutely loves it... He has learned so much from the interactions and has made lots of friends.... We thought we had a good deal with the daycare but today we also found out about the home boarding which we have managed to book which means we can relax and not worry when we go on holiday. Oh and we are enrolled in the behaviour classes so it will teach Henry new things p and reeducate me - lol
Henry has changed some much and is a very happy settled and pampered pooch...
Huge thank you Louise and the team for taking such good care of Henry xx

Response: Its our pleasure Collette.

Fun days...happy pooch!

Dec 14, 2014 by Katie Callan

What can I say...Blundells Daycare is just fab! Mollie absolutely loves it there...she gets to play and run around...she's brilliant with other dogs...and I think she might get a few cuddles as well!
If it wasn't for this place we wouldn't be able to have Mollie because of work...but we do...and we're soooo happy about that!!
Not only do they offer daycare...there is a home boarding service...which means peace of mind whilst you get a bit of human in the knowledge that your pooch is happy, safe and having fun on their sleep over!
Thanks Louise and the team
Katie & Mollie x

Content canines

Oct 09, 2014 by Alison and Matt Cocker

My dogs have tried the full range of Blundell's services and are big fans. Molly was an original daycarer when the centre first started. We wanted her to get used to being around other dogs and while she was a bit unsure at first, after a few weeks would pull us up the stairs, eager to see her doggy pals (in particular Otto and HP) and the original team of Dave and Louise. She isn't big on playing with other dogs but was happy to wander around, watching what was going on, sniffing every square inch and having a snooze in the snooze room which the centre gave her space to do. After a while we switched her to half days (she was absolutely shattered after a full day) and she became a dog bus regular which she loved as she had a little crew to go in with. When we got a second dog, Arthur, the staff at Blundell's were a great help in supporting us. He is an older rescue dog with an unknown backstory and so we had to get to know him. It became clear that daycare just wasn't for him (he's scared of groups of other dogs) but, the team took it in their stride and helped us try various options until we found what worked for him and now, the team at Blundells do home visits for both dogs which they love. Basically daycare comes to them! The facebook pages are great in giving you an insight into what your dogs are up to during the day when you're not there and the team all very obviously care for the dogs and are very knowledgable. They are unflappable and very easy to talk to. They just want what is best for your dog. Our dogs both adore all the Blundell's team and when we go away, Louise is coming to dog sit. I'm not sure the dogs are going to want us to come home! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Response: Thank you Alison & Matt. We love our home visits to Molly & Arthur and although its a shame daycare didn't work out for Arthur we hope Arthur and Molly like our visits and walks. Thank you for your loyal continued custom 🙂

One happy dog

Oct 08, 2014 by Maria

Blundell's have been involved with Finnley since he was 12 weeks old. Initially he had puppy visits on a regular basis and was gradually introduced to some of the dogs from the daycare on his visits. This was to encourage an easier transition to the daycare when he was old enough. Finnley was particularly shy around other dogs when he was younger but that phase soon passed once he joined and now at 7 months old he just loves every dog he meets. Can't thank Blundell's enough for that. He has a great time when he does go to daycare and we have a very happy and content dog after!

Response: Really glad to hear it Maria, Finnley is a great little dog who has grown in confidence since the little 10 week old pup we first met. Hes made great friends at daycare and is such a special boy

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