Why Use Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is a great option for people who, due to work and other commitments, cannot care for their dogs within normal daytime hours or those who wish to add a bit of variety into their dog’s life. Although it is not meant as a substitute for structured quality time with their owners, daycare can be a great way to socialise, exercise and be a positive experience for your dog.

Dogs are pack animals and consider their family as their pack. Pack animals thrive when they are together and generally don’t like to be left alone for long periods.

Most dogs naturally enjoy socialising with each other, providing this is done correctly and everyone is enjoying their time together dogs can learn a lot from each other and puppies can learn great manners and social skills from being around older dogs too.

Dogs left home alone can become anxious, depressed, bored or destructive, which often means returning home to toilet accidents, chewed furniture and a needy, clingy or stressed dog.

Our dog daycare centre has been designed so that you can go to work in the knowledge that your beloved pet is being cared for by specialists, is being socialised and spending  the day exercising and playing with friends and will be tired and settled when you return home from work. We also strive to make our daycare a comfortable environment for your dogs with facilities like our snooze room with beds and sofas just like their usual home comforts.